Tree Service in Cheektowaga, NY

The state of your trees affects the appeal, safety, and functioning of your property. If your trees are in bad shape, so is your entire landscape. It takes a combination of expert routine care services and prompt treatment for any health issues to keep your trees looking and growing strong and attractive. For homes and businesses in the Buffalo, NY region, Barden tree can offer you both.

Our trusted team of certified tree care specialists are trained and experienced in a wide range of services to maintain optimal health in your trees. When you reach out for your free consultation, we can determine which services you need to cultivate the beautiful trees you desire.

Emergency Tree Removal

Fallen or significantly damaged trees from storms or other unforeseen circumstances may threaten your property and safety. Barden Tree offers storm damage control and assessment, including 24-hour emergency tree services, to quickly identify and, if necessary, remove any hazardous trees.

Stump & Tree Removal

Dead and decaying trees are another danger to your Buffalo property and those who traverse it. Prompt removal may be necessary for your safety. Our arborists are equipped with the proper gear, specialized knowledge, and experience to ensure safe and effective tree and stump removal.

Tree Cabling & Bracing

A tree on your landscape may need to be cabled and braced if its structure can no longer support its own weight, it has been damaged, or has split or decaying limbs. Using advanced cabling and bracing systems, we’ll preserve your trees in their entirety and minimize risk to your property.

Professional Tree Planting

Good tree health begins from the first moment of planting. If you want to reap the benefits of having trees on your landscape, our specialists will work with you to meet your goals, providing the professional tree planting services you need to ensure they grow to be strong, healthy, and beautiful.

Tree Health Maintenance & Care

Just like us, your trees sometimes need to see a doctor or have a checkup too. The Barden Tree team is happy to treat your trees for any problems, and investigate potential threats to their health, before they cause damage to your property in Buffalo or are beyond saving.

Tree Pruning

Our expert tree pruning and trimming services will enhance and restore the beauty of your trees, elevating the look of your entire landscape. Regular pruning is also important to help protect your trees from damage and maintain their good health for the longest lifespan possible.

The arborists at Barden Tree happily serve the entire Buffalo area and surrounding neighborhoods, including Hamburg, Williamsville, Clarence, Niagara Falls, and more!

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about which of our tree services are right for you and your landscape!